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Convention can be boring. Actually, it's almost always boring...but that’s why we're a cat cafe. We believe cats don't need to live in cages or lose their lives just because they don't have a home, and you sure as hell don't need to be a weird "crazy cat lady" to enjoy some cat cuddles. In fact, we believe crazy cat ladies are cool, rebellious, and fun (yes, this includes crazy cat dudes), and it's time for that stereotype and traditional adoption practices to change. 

Enter us. We're a place to snuggle and adopt rescue cats, but with your favorite latte and book in hand. We’re the new-comers to the scene, and, much like your younger sister, the parents are still pretending we’re going to turn out just fine. We probably will, but until then, we’re hoping to rewrite the traditional rules of animal rescues & cafes, overturn common practices in company culture, redefine what it means to be a "crazy cat lady," and re-think adoptions as a whole.

And do it all in style, of course.


If you paid for your own stuff as a teenager, have pulled recyclables out of the trash, have relentless curiosity, and care passionately about animal welfare and small business development, we want you.


Graphic & Web Designer: Anywhere
You're the creator of the digital face and the groove of C&W. Create graphic art & digital design for Crumbs & Whiskers, specifically in merchandise design, website design, and packaging design. 

Assistant Manager: Los Angeles

You're the adult in the house. Manage the store when the store manager is not present by overseeing the C&W guest experience, supporting hosts, ensuring optimal cat health & cat care, and attending to guests who need special attention. Manage the Crumbs & Whiskers rescue/volunteer network and execute all events, private bookings, and promotions.

Publicist/PR Lead: Washington DC & Los Angeles

You're the cool, popular kid who everyone wants to be friends with. Help design the company’s PR strategy, create all press materials, and execute all PR initiatives. Research all relevant media outlets and conduct outreach with target press outlets to gain exposure for C&W. Create and maintain long-term relationships with press outlets, influencers, TV shows, digital media outlets, and other relevant platforms.

Art, Design, & Branding Lead: Anywhere

You're the creator of the Crumbs & Whiskers brand. Help develop C&W into a stunning and fun brand by envisioning and developing branding materials, merchandise design, store interior design, and digital/graphic design. 

Store Host - Washington DC

You're the face, soul, and dance moves of Crumbs & Whiskers. You will deliver the C&W guest experience by ensuring that guests have an incredible experience playing and connecting with cats, communicating adoption and other relevant information as needed, and making a memorable emotional connection with every guest. Additionally, you will take great care of all cats to ensure that every cat is healthy, stress-free, and happy. 

Events Lead: Washington DC & Los Angeles

You're throwing epic parties....with cats. Work with the Head of Events to develop spectacular events that are fun, playful, awesome, and unforgettable. 

Name Your Job: Anywhere

Think you see something we're missing? Tell us your story, write your own job description, and let us know how you would spend your first 90 days at Crumbs & Whiskers.

Flings are awesome, but we like being in long-term relationships. Must be able to commit 8+ months.