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Fell in love? Here’s how to adopt!


1. Fill out your application in the lounge or on our partner’s website. (Linked below)


2. The rescue will contact you via email to set up a phone interview in about 1-3 days.


3. An adoption coordinator will assure that you and your kitten are a perfect match.


4. On your pick-up date, bring your kitten carrier, and complete your adoption contract.


Our partner’s adoption fees:

$180 for one kitten

$325 for two kittens

100% of adoption fees go to our partner rescue.

All kittens will be required to go in pairs or to a home with another young, playful cat.

Pick-up dates are set by our partners, and will be held every third Sunday of the month.

A special thank you to our D.C. veterinarian partner, Dr. Brian Neumann at Caring Hands Animal Hospital, for the incredible, complimentary care he and his team provide for our kittens.