"The Hunger Games"

Check out your cat's killer instinct like never before!

At Crumbs & Whiskers we are always looking for fresh and exciting ways to keep our customers entertained and educated. With how cute and cuddly our feline friends can be, we sometimes forget that they are natural hunters, who could kill us if they were just a bit bigger. Feral and outdoor cats are responsible for the death of billions of animals annually and have been blamed for the global extinction of 33 species!

In order to showcase just how deadly cats can be, we’re launching a new event where our cats' predatory skills will be put on display. We will be offering guests a chance to feed our cats live animals ranging from birds to hamsters to dragons. Our hope is that through learning about your cat’s natural killer instincts you take action to prevent yourself or your friends from letting pet cats out of the home.

*Limited tickets available!*



Bearded Dragon


The most unique of our new menu, the cockatiel will have our cats climbing to new heights. Using it's new found flying skills, it will add an extra challenge for our cats to catch. Not to mention it's strong beak! It will be best for the cats who like a challenge and have strong climbing skills.

The baby bearded dragon is one of the most challenging prey because it has little teeth! Don't worry, they aren't sharp enough to harm our cats, but it does make things a little more interesting. These guys are the fastest of our live prey selection making a good match for our most athletic cats.

Although its merely a baby, these hamsters can reach speeds of 5mph and are very adept at escaping since they are so tiny. A great choice for more agile cats or cats who really need some exercise. 

Fully booked or couldn't get a seat? We'll be live-streaming it on Facebook for you to follow along!