Assistant Store Leader: Washington DC

Assistant Store Leader: DC Kitten Lounge

Position Summary

Manage the store when the store manager is not present by ensuring optimal kitten health & kitten care, overseeing the C&W guest experience, supporting hosts, and attending to guests who need special attention. Manage the C&W volunteer network.


  • Oversee kitten health monitoring and reporting. Make sure our kitten are healthy and stress-free.

  • Ensure that the C&W guest experience is being delivered. Every guest should have a wonderful time engaging with kittens and have the chance to learn about our mission.

  • Provide employee mentorship, training, and feedback. Ensure employees are constantly challenged and rewarded for their work.

  • Plan ahead to foresee and meet all store future needs. Address the smallest hints of issues before they become larger problems. This includes everything from foreseeing hiring needs that may arise in a few months (and planning accordingly) to running out to buy more toilet paper.

  • Maintain awesome relationships with our vendors - rescues, coffee shops, etc.

  • Assist in carrying out all cafe events, private bookings, and promotions.

  • Take care of all store operations and online order fulfillment needs in a timely and professional manner.


  • Prior experience in managing a cafe or retail operation is a plus, but not required

  • Prior experience in customer service highly preferred

  • Prior experience in professional kitten care is highly preferred.

Does this sound like you?

  • You're a major people person and a team player. It makes you happy to make your team happy.

  • You love the Crumbs & Whiskers brand, mission, and message. Even though you’ve never worked with us before, you already understand our company and our audience like the back of your hand.

  • Working in a fast-paced environment is your jam. You know how to keep your cool when things are crazy.

  • You have a passion for helping animals.

  • You have superhuman organizational skills. You know how to plan ahead and set priorities to tackle endless tasks. You're always, beating...deadlines.

  • You have a positive, upbeat attitude.

Job type

  • Part Time (20 hours a week)

    • Can also work up to 20 hours as a Store Host

  • Must be able to work 2 weekends a month

  • Must be able to maintain a flexible schedule and have the ability to be physically at the store at a moment’s notice. Anything can happen at a kitten lounge. ;)


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