The past two months have been incredible, and we have been lucky enough to do some amazing things. With your help, we have fostered over 40 cats, adopted 23 cats, and put smiles on the faces of thousands of people. It’s been a pretty great and impactful two months. Cheers to that!

But, we have also learned a lot about how we can improve. We have spent the past two months listening very carefully to everything you’ve had to say, and it's now time for us to make some changes. So here they are:

Max Number of People: We are cutting the number of people we allow in the café at once by nearly half. When we opened, we were allowing 37 people (with 20 cats) – moving forward, we will only allow 24 people at one time. We have tested the new numbers out, and we know that they work in eliminating overcrowding. But that being said, please remember that weekends and some weeknights will still feel busy because they are our peak hours. If you would like to visit us during slow hours, we recommend weekday mornings/afternoons and late evenings.

Café Experience: We are eliminating the previous food ordering system, and are instead including complimentary coffee and tea (self serve) in your cover charge. We will also feature macarons and croissants from a neighborhood bakery for those of you with a sweet tooth. Eliminating orders that are delivered from a separate store front will allow you to get your drinks instantly – no more waiting around.

Cover Charge: Starting today, August 29, our cover charge will be $15 per reservation. This charge will include complimentary coffee and tea. Due to the significant reduction in our capacity, we have no choice but to implement a small increase in our cover. We hope you’ll understand.

Seating Options: We have added additional seating options in the cat café – there are more chairs and benches for those of you who are not stoked about floor seating. 

Cats: We are not making any changes involving our cats, but we want you to know that cats sleep 16 hours on an average day and are most active at night. There's a high chance you will encounter sleeping cats during your visit - this is not a sign that the cats are stressed, exerted, or overstimulated. It's completely normal behavior. If you want an active visit where cats are more playful, we recommend stopping by early in the morning or later at night.

We are making lots of smaller changes as well, but these are the big ones we want you to know about. We want you to know that your feedback is massively important to us, and that we are always thinking about how we can improve to give you a better experience.

We really want you to have an amazing time at the cat café. Email us ( if you visited Crumbs & Whiskers when we opened and did not have good time. We have some ideas on how to make it up to you.

PS. We just discovered that a lot of you really like yoga. And cats (obviously.) You know what's coming next...