Let's Talk About March.

March is a BIG month for us.

Two things are happening. First, the KICKSTARTER LAUNCH! Our Kickstarter is super important because it gives us funding for the interior of the cat cafe. And you know what would be REALLY awesome?! Your help. How can you help? Tons of ways! You can back the project on Kickstarter, share it on your social media, or just like…you know, tell your mom about it. We’ll take whatever help we can get in spreading the word!

Another big thing is happening. Our zoning exemption hearing is this month. Basically, DC is deciding whether we will be allowed to open up shop in the city. We’re doing all the work to convince DC, but you can help us convince them too! If you’re as excited about the cat cafe as we are, please please please sign this

THANK YOU for everything you have given us - your time, your feedback, your words of encouragement, and your belief in us when we sometimes forget how to believe in ourselves. You are amazing.

- Kanchan and her cat