Crumbs & Canines: The District's First Dog Cafe

Dear Hoomans,

Crumbs & Whiskers, DC's first cat cafe, is officially turning into Crumbs & Canines, DC's first dog cafe.

This was a truly difficult decision for us to make, but we just can't deal with our asshole cats shutting down our computers or eating our Chipotle when we look away for 0.2 seconds anymore. Starting a cat cafe made the entire staff of Crumbs & Whiskers realize that cats are huge jerks (seriously, if we have to re-type that entire email to that customer ONE MORE TIME...) and so, it is with a heavy heart that we must say goodbye to our cats. We are beginning a new journey where we help those animals in need who actually admire and appreciate the help. Yes, you guessed it, dogs. 

We hope you will continue to support us in this new journey. Everyone at C&W feels like we have found ourselves...and finally realized that dogs are, in fact, better than cats.

Kanchan and The Crumbs & Whiskers Team