Love at First Meow: Titan's Adoption Story

We caught up with Zach Mendel, Titan's hooman, to see how they fell in love and how he's doing in his furrever home. 

C&W: When you decided to visit Crumbs & Whiskers, did you already know you were going to adopt a cat?

ZM: My girlfriend and I had been discussing adopting a cat for months and finally moved to an apartment that allowed cats. We had been looking around online to see what cats we were interested in visiting. Then we came across Titan’s profile on the Lost Dog’s website. Specifically the line: “Titan may also be the laziest cat in the world, he leaves most of his projects unfinished because they’re just too much effort. We feel you, Titan,” which I connected with on a spiritual level. A few weeks later, after we went through the process and were approved, all that was left was to meet Titan. It coincidentally fell on Valentine’s Day weekend (Galentine’s Day to be exact), so I surprised my girlfriend with a date to Crumbs & Whiskers to meet him.

C&W: What made you fall in love with Titan?

ZM: He is possibly the most regal cat I have ever seen. He has no clumsy moments. Titan does everything with a firm disposition of slight disdain towards everyone and everything around him, like a fuzzy, docile Ron Swanson.

C&W: What are three things that you and Titan have in common?


  1. We both have full, lush heads of hair, and hope hold firmly to them well into our golden years.
  2. We're both quite dashing in our formal wear.
  3. We can pull off a Hawaiian shirt better than Magnum PI.

C&W: What was it like bringing Titan home? Were you nervous? Or just super excited?! Tell me about your first day together!

ZM: Titan’s first order of business after being brought home was to nap in a sunny spot, eat some food, walk around to sniff every single object in the house, and then curl up under the bed to slept again.

C&W: What's your favorite thing about Titan?

ZM: He may be regal and extremely collected, but as soon as he starts playing in his kitty tunnel, all that melts away and you can see the kitten-like craziness side of him.

C&W: Cats are highly entertaining pets. What's the funniest thing that Titan has done?

ZM: He did not enjoy his cat carrier very much. So we tried harness training him, and now he loves to take his trips to PetSmart free as a bird (well a bird on a harness).

C&W: What's your favorite thing about having a cat?

ZM: The companionship is something I was truly surprised about, having only grown up in a household with dogs. He can always sense when you are upset or there is something wrong, and he will let you know that it’s stupid of you to be upset about it.

C&W:'s the big question. Are you ready to adopt your next cat from Crumbs & Whiskers?! ;)

ZM: Actually, we took the plunge and adopted him a little brother. We wanted to go the kitten route, and fell in love with one from another local D.C. rescue, DCPaws. It’s only been a short time, but they get along better than we ever could have imagined. We have already noticed that Titan has perked up from having a kitty companion himself.