Crumbs & Whiskers Turns 1: Year in Review

We’re ONE YEAR OLD! What started as a girl’s dream has become SO much more and we have you guys, and our awesome cats, to thank. Because we’re feeling super nostalgic, we wanted to share our favorite memories so far.

We dressed up our cats ... a lot.

We had awesome special events.

Titan showed us that celebrating cats is way better than celebrating Valentine’s Day.

There was lots of cuddling.

You savored delicious macaroons, while our cats tried to steal them.


We had a cat named Batman, and he totally lived up to his name.

You guys provided live entertainment for our cats -- that’s really why we host cat yoga.

We got you good with our April Fools prank. 

(PS. Did you actually fall for that?! We're still judging you.)

CW IG april fools.png

Our cats took some epic naps.

We got these awesome drink sleeves that we’re OBSESSED with.

We saw 102 adoptions, including Raleigh who was the last of our original C&W Squad.