Where are They Meow? Edward's Adoption Story

Sandra took Kevin to Crumbs & Whiskers as a birthday present. They weren't looking to adopt, but Edward made them an offer they couldn't resist. We caught up with them to see how Edward is doing in his furrever home.

C&W: What's your favorite thing about Edward?

Sandra:  He loves watching videos of animals (like squirrels and birds) on YouTube.

Kevin:  My favorite thing about Edward is how every night, without fail, he will jump up in my bed shortly after I turn the lights out and curl right up to me to go to sleep.

C&W: What's the funniest thing Edward has done?

Sandra: He will sprint around the apartment practicing for his 100-meter dash competition. His tail gets really big and bushy when he does this. 

Kevin: I think it’s funny how Edward “gasps” for air as he vacuums down his food every night.

C&W: Have you guys gotten into a routine? What's Edward's favorite spot in your home? Favorite toy? Favorite place to sleep?

Kevin: Over time we’ve established a routine. Edward will always make sure to wake me up at 7:30 am for work even on the weekends because he hasn’t realized yet that I only work Monday-Friday. His favorite place to sleep is on the cat bed we got him with his little blanket.

Sandra: Edward’s favorite spot is on the windowsill overlooking the view from the 5th floor of my apartment. From there he can see all of the squirrels and birds outside. His favorite toy, as of right now, is a battery-powered caterpillar that he will chase around and knock in different directions.

C&W: Tell us something we don't know about Edward.

Sandra: He won Pet of the Month at our vet, Clarendon Animal Care. He won treats and he became Instagram famous. Follow him at @adventuresofedward!

Kevin: He will nibble on you to let you know that he wants you to pet him when he’s in a really affectionate mood.

C&W: What's your favorite thing about having a cat?

Sandra: Even if I have a horrible day, it all gets better when Edward greets me at the door.

Kevin: The feeling of providing for an animal with his own unique personality and quirks and receiving unconditional love back is amazing.