Where are they Meow? Hannah and Sting.

So you know how you love to come to Crumbs and Whiskers to hang out with the cats and drink coffee? Well, Hannah is the same, except, that’s like, her job. (Contain your jealousy, we know. Life isn’t fair; but then, Hannah’s job involves cleaning a dozen litter boxes…)

You would think there would be a limit when the cuteness overload of the cats expires and you build up immunity, but no, the limit does not exist. Hannah did her best to resist their charms, little mews, and saucer eyes, but alas, one of them made her cave.

Sting was that guy. He’d shoot her a look from across the café anytime she’d pet another cat and when she felt that tug at her heartstrings, she knew she was his, and he was hers. Now he’s Charlie and we’re seeing how he’s doing at his furrever home.

C&W: So, your situation is unique in that you are around cats all the time as a Crumbs and Whiskers Amazing Feline Butler and Hooman Interpreter. What was it about Sting/Charlie that caught your attention…and your heart?

Hannah: Sting was always curious about what I was doing around the cafe before we opened and when we closed. I would see him taking the most epic naps on the café couches. I knew if I had him at home with me, we would take the best naps together. And he had the cutest meow.

charlie 9.jpg

The fun thing about having Charlie around the house compared to working with the cats all day is that I get to snuggle with him when I get home. Nothing is better than Jon, my husband, hugging me and Charlie together and saying he loves our little family. Charlie is our baby boy.

C&W: What's the funniest thing Charlie has done?

Hannah: I was playing with Charlie and the one ball toy he would actually chase. When he plays, he plays HARD. He got so into it, he ran right into our glass cabinet door. I guess he didn't realize it was glass. Charlie wasn't hurt or anything, but it was his dumb moment where I realized he is klutz just like his mama. Whoops.

C&W: What’s it like having Charlie at home?

Hannah: He is my photography business partner. One of the reasons why I asked Jon if we could adopt Charlie was so I would have someone to keep me company while I was editing at home on my days off from the cafe. I would get lonely and isolated, working at home on my computer. So Charlie is my BFF who gives me encouragement. When I need a break, I’ll get up and give him a squeeze and life feels better.

C&W: How is Charlie getting along with the other hooman(s) in his life?

Hannah: Charlie definitely is the little king of the house. He LOVES my husband so much. He sleeps on Jon’s lap all the time and loves to snuggle with him. Jon is constantly sending me Snapchats of Charlie snuggling him while I’m at work.

There is something super special to see that bond. (Although I do get jealous all the time! SHH don’t tell! lol.)

(Charlie poses for the annual December holiday card – not bad for his first time!)

(Charlie poses for the annual December holiday card – not bad for his first time!)

C&W: What’s Charlie’s biggest accomplishment since leaving C&W?

Hannah: Charlie is FINALLY sleeping in the little house/igloo filled with fluff I bought for him before he came home. It took him four months to finally sleep in it. Cats. Now Jon and I send each other Snapchats whenever Charlie goes into it because it was such an accomplishment to discover his igloo.

C&W: What's your favorite thing about Charlie?

Hannah: Everything! Minus him waking me up at 5 am to play.

charlie 4.jpg

C&W: Tell us something we don’t know about Charlie.

Hannah: When I first brought Charlie home, I didn't think he liked to play the way some cats do. Then I bought him one of the same mouse toys that we have at Crumbs and Whiskers and he went crazy! He’s obsessed. Charlie wiggles his butt up in the air and sprints across the room as if he’ll murder his mouse toy. Sometimes he attacks it randomly when we are just all chillin’ on the sofa.

C&W: What's your favorite thing about having a cat? Since you’re around the cuddly C&W cats all day, what’s your favorite thing about living with Charlie?

Hannah: Charlie and I are the same. I love to sleep and so does Charlie. I love to snuggle and so does Charlie (most of the time). I love to eat and Charlie is highly motivated by food. I respect that. He is lazy. So am I. He loves my husband. So do I. He loves to bask in the sun. I LOVE the sun and sitting in the sunshine. I guess that means that either I’m a Charlie or he’s a Hannah. Charlie is definitely a special guy.

Note by the C&W editorial staff: during this interview, Hannah wrote, “CORN STEPPED ON THE COMPUTER AND SENT THE EMAIL TOO SOON! HAHAHA!” 
Corn will be featured in her own adoption story in the future…and hopefully she’ll be just as helpful during the interview process with her new owner.