Where are they Meow? Katie and Obama's Story.

Given his namesake, Obama was never going to be just another black cat at Crumbs and Whiskers. He was gonna be presidential! Obama regularly lounged in the hooman laps to detail his plan to put more treats in every bowl, his strategy to take down the red dot, and his universal ban on vet visits. Obama was all about uniting cats and hoomans in a mutually beneficial partnership with belly rubs and getting adopted.

We knew such a DC mover and shaker like Obama would catch the eye of someone. Today, Obama is known as Garbo, another historical figure with an international reputation. He’s been at his furrever home for a few months, so we caught up with his hooman Katie to see what was up with Garbo since he’d left the adoring cat constituency at Crumbs and Whiskers.

Katie: I’ve been visiting Crumbs & Whiskers since it opened, but I’ve never felt as strong a connection to a cat as I did with Obama. My boyfriend and I were visiting in late September, when Obama had just arrived at the cat café. He crawled on my lap—even while I was teleworking—and started purring.

(at Crumbs & Whiskers, falling in love with Obama)

(at Crumbs & Whiskers, falling in love with Obama)

Katie: I’ve never heard a cat purr at Crumbs & Whiskers before, so this surprised me—and melted my heart. Even though he’d get up periodically to check out other customers, he always came back to sit with me.

C&W: Why the name Garbo?

Katie: Garbo is the name of my favorite spy from WWII. (My boyfriend and I want to have six cats each named after a WWII spy.)


C&W: How is Garbo getting along with the other hoomans in his life?

Katie: My boyfriend was a fan as soon as I was fan, and we co-adopted Garbo. The two love looking out for each other.


Katie: I live with a roommate, so before we adopted Garbo, my boyfriend and I consulted with her. She came for a walk-in visit to Crumbs & Whiskers to meet Obama/Garbo. She was a bit apprehensive—she’s a dog person—but she fell in love with Garbo’s infectious affection.

Now, I have to pry Garbo loose from her arms, and she will often say, “Love me, Garbo!” when he occasionally tries to wriggle away from her snuggle sessions.


C&W: Do you have any moments when you look at Garbo and say, "Oh, gosh, this cat has totally figured me out"?

Katie: Absolutely! Garbo loves watching me knit and my roommate crochet, and when I’m feeling sad, he’ll jump up to comfort me.


Katie: At night, when I climb into bed, I pat the comforter several times, and he’ll jump up and join me. (Apparently, he has started stepping out on me during the night: he waits until I fall asleep, then jumps on my roommate’s bed. We may have to change his spy-inspired name to Benedict Arnold!)


C&W: What's your favorite thing about having a cat?

Katie: Garbo entertains and delights me constantly! We have wood floors through the living room and Garbo slips and slides when he’s sprinting through the room!


Katie: I am very partial to when he sleeps on top of my stomach and purrs. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to have this warm and fuzzy cat near me when I sleep, who lays his paw on my arm as if he’s protecting me.


Busy with naps and knitting, Garbo keeps on representin’ the black cats from Crumbs and Whiskers. Thanks for a great run, Garbo!