Hello, It's Me, Cinnamon!

At Crumbs and Whiskers, the cats are always walking all over our laptops and curling up on our Macs, and just generally being adorable and "helping" us to be productive by staring up at us with big eyes and demanding cuddles...

...but we rarely see them actually type something out! Y’all remember Cinnamon? Well, she’s a #BOSSCAT who wanted to write her own blog post about her life in adoption after Crumbs & Whiskers.

HIIIIIIIII! I’m Cinnamon the one-year old domestic shorthair white & black amazing cat! HELLLLOOOO DC!!

I know you missed me like cah-razy! YAAAAS it is true I am gorgeous. I mean, just look at my ears. My pink nose. You wouldn’t be wrong to just wanna give me chin scratches all. day. long.

Which is how I found my furrever human, Anna, about a month ago. I wanted to tell you all about how I won her heart and love my new home! I’m kinda new to this computer typing thing, but I have LOADS of ideas and thoughts and wanna share them - if I don’t, like, take a nap first.

(This is me and my new hooman, Anna, on the day that I was adopted.)

My adorableness and jumping prowess were what likely caught Anna’s attention at Crumbs & Whiskers. Not to mention I love cuddling humans AND have a melodic purr and the cutest meow that makes them squeal. (Kittens, take note. All you gotta do is meow and be adorbs and you’ll have them wrapped around your paw and bringing you the nip and cleaning up your poop. )

I’m pretty sure Anna thought I was the purr-fect kitty, because I AM. I mean, just look at me:

CINNAMON (1).jpg

Anna has a degree in art history, and my white & black coat looks divine with her professional penguin look. #workit.

Coming to Anna’s apartment was like WHOA. It’s a HOOMAN APARTMENT. Where are the other kitties?? Where are all the other humans to worship and adore me?!

I adjusted quickly because hey, I’m a cat, and I love to be around wherever as long as I’m the center of the action and getting loved on, but I do miss the super-cool cats and human visitors at Crumbs and Whiskers. However, at Anna’s there are sooo many cat toys just for me!

For realz, the only downside is that Anna hides the chirping bird toy ‘cause I hunt it at, like, 5am… but I know what’s up. I see that she hides it. Unreasonable, but there are sacrifices in this charmed life.

Sometimes I get wild and like to explore and, test my human and her human patience. Like when I chewed open a package to taste a bagel… It smelled freakin’ amazing, okay?! Don’t judge.

Other fascinating activities: watching the self-cleaning litter box tidy up for me, sleeping in the sun on my blanket, and sitting on the cat tree for a nice view of the outdoor birds and airplanes, catching toy mice lurking in the library books....


Oh, and watching the printer – if I sit on top of it I can watch papers as they spurt out! You should try it.

My favorite part of the day is morning: I lay in Anna’s bed and when the alarm goes off I start purring. Usually she’ll pet me and say I’m cute, if I blink my eyes and yawn. Anna’s the best.


(OMG when your roomie takes pictures of you sleeping funny and then shares them on the interwebs)

Well, this was fun, but I got other things to do. My nip-stuffed hedgehog is waiting for me! I wanted to say hiiiiiii to all my Crumbs & Whiskers fans because I knew you missed me…. Bye you guys!