Where Are They Meow? MIMI!

Throwback, people. It was DC summer in 2016, the presidential race was like WHOA, and the C&W crew had just celebrated our one-year anniversary! And a to-die-for little lady joined the Crumbs and Whiskers cat family.

Mimi’s stripes and her golden eyes were UN-FOR-GET-A-BLE feline magic...

...and she was adopted like that by the lovely Sam and her husband. 

We caught up with Mimi to find out how she weathered the winter and what’s up post-C&W.

What was it about Mimi that caught your attention at C&W?

I first noticed how beautiful her markings were! She was also so dainty and small – the opposite of our other cat, Grayson.

How did you decide to adopt Mimi?

Mimi sat next to me and we started to play. She was so tiny, but SO feisty! I thought she would be a perfect companion for our cat, Grayson. He can be gruff, but I thought Mimi could hold her own against him – and she has! Total boss lady cat.

Aaaand, she fell asleep next to me while I petted her head. I really loved that the outline of her nose, gums and bottoms of her paws are black. So much to love. So unique!

How did Mimi react to coming to her new house?

She adjusted right away. We tried to keep her and Grayson apart for a few days, but often my husband or myself would come home and find that Grayson had busted her out! #FREEDOM

They were so curious about each other and just wanted to meet!


How is Mimi getting along with the other hooman(s) in her life? What is her relationship now with Grayson?

She loves my husband and myself and she definitely doesn’t shy away from visitors. She love, love, LOVES to cuddle. Every night while I get ready for bed she curls right up next to Eric (my husband). So that’s just great for us.

When she first came home, it was a slow adjustment for our cat, Grayson.

He had been king of the castle for two years, but I knew that Mimi would be a good match for him.

He is a rough player and, frankly, needed someone to keep him company (and exercise him) during the day while my husband and I are at work. They play together, lay near each other and even share the windowsill sometimes! I don’t suspect they’ll start napping with each other any time soon, but they are getting along which makes us happy!

Anything unexpected since Mimi came home?

She scratches more than other cats I’ve known or had in the past. We had to wrap a few of our stair banisters in sisal rope to give her more scratching surfaces. She LOVES her actual scratching post and her favorite toys are feather tassels to chase.

What’s the best part of your daily life with Mimi?

In addition to her routine of taking up MY side of the bed while I’m getting ready to get into it (doesn’t every cat do this??) every morning when I wake up for work I greet her with a “Good morning, Girlie” and she chirps back. I love her little chirps and purrs when she sees me! 

Mimi converses with me and it’s kinda cool.

She also loves to walk figure-8s through my legs when I’m brushing my teeth.

So, here’s a random question that helps us get to know Miss Mimi: if she were an ice cream flavor, what would she be and why?

Mimi would be moose tracks. Not only because of her swirly coat, but because she’s so sweet and in so many different ways!


Mimi is just one of the 291 total cat adoptions at Crumbs & Whiskers DC and LA!!! So. Many. Adoptions. We are always excited to share the Where Are They Meow? stories because awesome visitors like Sam, who fall in love with our foster cats and take them to their furrever homes, make the whole Crumbs & Whiskers life possible. MUAH! You're the BEST!