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Hi, friend!
Here’s what the kittens have been up to recently!

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Our Impact So Far

1200+ adopted, 2500+ saved from euthanasia, $38,600+ donated to charity! Ok so these numbers are actually crazy, and we don't really know what to say other than a huge....THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you for supporting us and for helping us create a better world for homeless cats. We love you.

Chewy was adoption #412 in Los Angeles!.png
Chewy was adoption #412 in Los Angeles! (1).png

Meet the cats and kittens you helped save!

Kitten of The Week (LA)

Meet Shrimp! Shrimp decided our recent photoshoot was the perfect opportunity to show off his climbing skills... on the legs of our photographer. (Sorry, Sam.) Shrimp enjoys the finer things in life, which, for a cat, are cozy baskets, strong catnip, and 4-hour power naps.

We want to be like Shrimp when we grow up.

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Cat of The Week (DC)

Meet Darcy! Darcy is 1.5 years old, but still looks like a kitten who never ages. She also has some impressive claws. How do we know this? She climbed all over us when we moved her scratching post. Let's just say we will be wearing thicker jeans from now on.

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Upcoming Events (LA)

Comedy and Kittens is back September 6th at 8:00pm! This event is 21+ and BYOB. You'll get exclusive access to The Kitten Lounge, a hilarious show from LA's finest comedians, and quality time with your best friends and kittens!

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Upcoming Events (DC)

Pokémon Trivia is coming to your favorite cat cafe on September 12th at 7:15pm!! Enjoy five epic rounds of trivia that will test your knowledge on the original series with Ash, Misty, and Brock! (And, of course, their Pokémon.)

Crazy Joe already has his Pikachu ears on. Get ready for the best night ever.

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A note from our founder, Kanchan

Hey, it's Kanchan! In the last year, I've been focusing all my time on learning - learning how to build a company that lives by its values, learning how to be a "CEO" (it's seriously such a terrifying job title...), and learning how to be a better human being. Oh, and smothering my cat, Luna, with way more love than she ever wants to have.

If you want to get in touch with me, I mostly hang out on Instagram (@kanchansingh14). You can also email me at kanchan.singh@crumbsandwhiskers.com.


Adoptions This Week

This week, Grace and Wednesday went to their forever homes in LA! The Kitten Lounge DC had our monthly adoption party, and our cat cafe's longest resident, Symphony also went to her new home! If you want to keep up with these two recent adoptees, and their fellow alumni, check our our tag #CWalumni on Instagram. Fair warning: You may cry. A lot. (We do.)

Instagram Photo of the Week

We spend at least an hour a day looking through our tagged photos, gushing over how beautiful you all are. This week, our favorite photo is this gem from @cristina_varela Thanks for visiting our kittens and sharing their stories.

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