70-Minute Cat Cafe Experience


Contribution: $22

Enjoy 70 minutes of cuddles, photo-ops, and warm, fuzzy feelings with 20+ rescue cats in our cat cafe! Food & Drink service available.

Cat Yoga
(Sundays Only)

Cat Yoga.png

Contribution: $28

Enjoy 60 minutes of yoga with the cats, followed by 30 minutes of cool-down cuddles! Food & Drink service
NOT available.

With Cats

CW Sept (191 of 202).JPG

Contribution: $54

Enjoy an entire weekday afternoon with the cats! Study, work, or just cuddle for up to 7 hours. Food & Drink service available.

Gift Cards

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Contribution: $20+

Digital gift cards can be used to book a future kitten experience online. Surprise your best friend with the gift of kittens! (AKA the best gift ever)

Your contribution enables us to care for our rescue cats, provide them with a nurturing environment, and ensure they are adopted to the right homes.