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Drink coffee. Cuddle with cats. And if you fall in love, adopt.
{Los Angeles, CA.}


What is a kitten and cat cafe?

Our cafe is filled with adorable rescue cats and kittens who are looking for their forever homes. You can play with them, cuddle with them, nap with them, do a photoshoot with them, and if you fall in love, adopt them!

Right now it is kitten season, so we are hosting 20+ younger cats age 3-6 months. When kitten season ends, we will begin hosting adult cats for the rest of the year!


30-Minute Kitten Experience


Contribution: $20

Enjoy 30 minutes of cuddles, photo-ops, and warm, fuzzy feelings in the Kitten Cafe!
Food & Drink service available.

70-Minute Kitten Extravaganza


Contribution: $35

Enjoy 70 minutes of cuddles, photo-ops, and warm, fuzzy feelings in the Kitten Cafe!
Food & Drink service available

Kitten Yoga
(Sunday Only)


Contribution: $40

Enjoy 1 hour of your favorite zen workout while the kittens climb all over you!
No Food & Drink Service.

Disney Classics
Trivia Night


Contribution: $40

Test your knowledge on The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Sleeping Beauty, and more!
Food & Drink Service available.

Comedy & Kittens
21+ Event

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Contribution: $45

Enjoy a hilarious after-hours comedy show! This event is BYOB (Beer and Wine only) and 21+, so bring your ID!

Gilmore Girls
Trivia Night

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Contribution: $35

This night is for all the fast-talking, coffee-loving, bonded-for-life BFFs out there!
Food & Drink Service available.

Your contribution enables us to care for our rescue kittens, provide them with a nurturing environment, and ensure they are adopted to the right homes.


Why Kittens?

Because as the seasons change, so do the needs of our local shelters and rescues. During the Spring/Summer, there is this crazy thing called Kitten Season.

Kitten Season is the annual time of year when shelters are overflowing with kittens. Many kittens will be turned away, or worse, because kittens require more resources than adult cats. Our approach in helping is simple - we create a space where these kittens can live, so the rescues can save even more adult cats and kittens without having to euthanize due to lack of space.

What began as our life-saving “pop-up” became our year-round method. For half the year, we take in kittens, and the other half, adult cats.

Want our kittens all to yourself?


Kitten Cafe Digital Gift Cards can be used to book your experience online!

Contribution: $20+

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30-Minute Kitten Lounge Experience

70-Minute Kitten Lounge Extravaganza

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Our Location

Crumbs & Whiskers
7924 Melrose Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90048

(323) 879-9389

Thursday-Tuesday: 11AM - 8PM
Wednesday: Closed

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Do I have to book in advance?
Technically, no. But we HIGHLY, highly recommend it, because we only allow in a limited number of walk-in guests per experience. By booking in advance, you are guaranteed to get kitten-time on the day that you want to!

Does each person in my group need their own ticket?
Each person in your group will require their own ticket to visit. This is to ensure that our kittens are not overwhelmed, and that there are plenty of kittens to go around during your visit!

What is the age minimum to visit?
The age minimum to visit is 7 years old, and children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. For the safety of your babies and ours, we strictly enforce our age policy.

What is the maximum number of tickets I can book at a time?
The maximum number of people per visit is 6. Groups larger than 6 people must book a private event to ensure that all guests have an incredible experience.

If you have any unanswered questions, head to our FAQ page!