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Crumbs & Whiskers | Kitten & Cat Cafe

All cats & kittens are rescued from risk of euthanasia and are available for adoption.

Advance bookings are highly recommended to all our locations in order to guarantee entry.

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1,322 adopted.

2,847 saved from euthanasia.
$38.6K donated to charity.

We’ve Been Featured In:

"The fact that I was crying over this cat was pretty significant in my book, and I'm going to fill out an application and try to adopt."

- Former Cat Skeptic, Buzzfeed

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Want our cats and kittens all to yourself?

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A Note from Kanchan, Our Founder.

“Hey! I’m Kanchan.

I love connecting humans with animals! It’s an amazing connection that we’re starting to lose in our crazy and busy lives. I started Crumbs & Whiskers to create a space where animal lovers could find that connection again, and where homeless cats could get a second chance...”


Spotted at Crumbs & Whiskers.

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