Events Lead: Washington DC & Los Angeles
INTERNSHIP - University Credit Available

Position Summary

Basically, you're just throwing epic parties....with cats. Work with the Head of Events to develop spectacular events that delight our guests and promote adoptions. Past events have included kitten parties, trivia nights, holiday parties, and the famed music festival Catchella. If this sounds like the best job ever, it’s because it is.


  • Research and plan all event details - you’re choosing the exact decorations for Catchella, researching & signing all the artists, and picking the flavors of the cupcakes
  • Assist the Head of Events with any range of tasks needed for events
  • Help the store managers execute events by being physically present in store and preparing the store for events.
  • Continuously do market research to stay on top of industry & pop culture trends and think of how to incorporate them into our latest event
  • Collaborate with Head of Marketing to ensure that all events are being promoted and marketed beautifully


  • Prior experience creating, executing, and managing events is a plus.
  • Incredible organizational and planning skills.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re highly creative and imaginative. You have the weirdest ideas, and you wouldn't have it any other way.
  • You’re a good prioritizer and planner. You make week-by-week plans to meet a deadline that’s months away, leaving nothing to chance. You’re dependable and timely. You’re always meeting - no - beating deadlines.
  • You're a design nerd. Everything you create needs to be stunning and absolutely beautiful.
  • You love the Crumbs & Whiskers brand, mission, and message. You understand the C&W brand and our audience like the back of your hand.

Job type

  • Part time, Weekends


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