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Hi friends,

Starting on April 26th, our weekday prices will become the same as our weekend prices. Why are we increasing our weekday prices? Honestly, the same reason any business increases their prices: to stay healthy and profitable, and also to keep our prices consistent. Luckily, our needs as a business only require us to make a small change, so our weekend prices will not be increasing. We know this isn’t the most exciting news, so we wanted to share this update with you one week before it happens. From today until Thursday, April 26th, you can book any future C&W visit at our old prices :)

We have some other updates to share with you as well! Beginning next week, we will refer to our product as a cat cafe "experience" instead of a cat "cafe." When you hear "cat cafe," you think of a coffee shop that also has cats. But that's not what we are. We've always been a store that offers a unique experience (that also just happens to have a small menu), instead of being a cafe that has cats. So now, we aren't misrepresenting ourselves as a "cafe" - we're representing ourselves as an "experience." 

We are also no longer calling our visits "reservations."  The word “reservation” makes us sound exclusive, and that's not who we are. It also gives the impression that a reservation isn’t necessary to visit our store (just like a reservation isn't necessary at your local restaurant) and often causes confusion for our walk-in customers when they aren't able to get in because we're already fully booked. 

So, we're going to call ourselves a cat cafe "experience" that you purchase an "admission" to - just like you purchase admission to your favorite museum or theatre! We feel that the word "experience" really captures our product (after all, you visit our cat cafe to have a unique and fun experience with cats!), and the word "admission" reflects what you’re purchasing from us so much better.

Put simply, starting April 26th, you will simply reserve a cat cafe experience with us, and we will have different admission times for you to choose from. 

One last change - admission to Crumbs & Whiskers will be based on making a contribution, instead of paying a fee. The minimum contribution will be our admission price, but you will be able to contribute more if you’d like. Many of you have asked us if you can do more to help support our cats and our mission, and this will allow you to do that! (Thank you by the way, that is really nice of you).

As always, thank you for all your love and support. We’ve now adopted out 629 cats and saved 1,380 cats from euthanasia, and this wouldn’t have been possible without you. We are only able to help the homeless cats in our community because you support our company, and we cannot thank you enough for that. You are wonderful <3


In gratitude,


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