Growth Marketing Intern

Commitment: 10-15 hours a week

Duration: minimum 6 months or two semesters

Salary: non-paid internship, university credit available as well as free kitty cuddles, merchandise, coffee and macarons.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

We’re looking for a creative, growth marketing part-time intern to execute the Crumbs and Whiskers soul, brand, and vision.

Joining the Crumbs and Whiskers team, you’ll have the opportunity to help a small business grow using research, branding, and marketing as the primary growth drivers. The role demands great execution, along with creativity and enthusiasm for startups (and cats!). This role requires a great level of autonomy as well as a background in marketing, research, and branding.


  • Research of current growth strategies, and execution of implementing those strategies.

  • Working very closely with the Head of Sales, Marketing, and Innovation at C&W and assisting with any research or execution needs that arise within the company. Along with working with our other interns to coordinate internal and external marketing plans.

  • Managing the student Ambassador Program to grow awareness and increase new guests among the large student population in DC and LA.

  • Generation and execution of creative marketing campaigns and programs that directly impact customer loyalty and brand awareness.

  • Analysis of investments in potential marketing outlets to determine where C&W should concentrate marketing efforts

  • Research and case studies on other business' successful marketing campaigns and programs

  • Developing a very deep understanding of C&W in it’s brand, history, and culture to better guide it’s future growth.

Required Qualifications

  • Flawless writing and verbal skills with the ability to communicate execution plans, research conclusions, and recommendations effectively.

  • College juniors and seniors majoring in business. Marketing majors preferred, but all applicants will be considered.

  • High level skill with Google Suites, attention to detail, willingness to grow and learn, as well as the ability to operate with limited supervision.

  • Ability to quickly adapt with change (we’re a startup!) and make careful last-minute decisions.

  • Experience in research, marketing, and business preferred, but not required.


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