Drink coffee. Play with kittens. And if you fall in love, adopt.
{Los Angeles}


What is a kitten and cat cafe?

The Kitten cafe is a place filled with adorable rescue kittens who are looking for their forever homes. You can play with them, cuddle with them, nap with them, do a photoshoot with them, and if you fall in love, adopt them!


Your contribution enables us to care for our rescue kittens, provide them with a nurturing environment, and ensure they are adopted to the right homes.

30-Minute Kitten Experience


Contribution: $20

Enjoy 30 minutes of cuddles, photo-ops, and warm, fuzzy feelings in the Kitten Cafe!
Food & Drink service available.

70-Minute Kitten Extravaganza


Contribution: $35

Enjoy 70 minutes of cuddles, photo-ops, and warm, fuzzy feelings in the Kitten Cafe!
Food & Drink service available

Kitten Yoga
(Sunday’s Only)


Contribution: $40

Enjoy 1 hour of your favorite zen workout while the kittens climb all over you!
No Food & Drink Service.


True Crime
Trivia 10/24


Contribution: 35+

 If you listen to podcasts or watch Netflix true crime series, this one's for you. This night is 18+.
Food & Drinks available.

Halloween Costume
Party 10/31


Contribution: $40+

Kick off Halloween night with your best friends, a gaggle of kittens, and spooky-but-sweet treats. Food & Drinks available.


Why Kittens?

Because there’s this crazy thing called Kitten Season.

Kitten Season is the annual time of year when shelters are overflowing with kittens. During this time, many kittens are euthanized or turned away from shelters, because kitten care is more expensive and time consuming than adult cat care. Our approach in helping is with this issue is simple - we are creating a space to house more kittens and providing rescues with more resources to care for kittens.

Enter: The Kitten Lounge. When we launched in DC, we never imagined the instantaneous impact that our pop-up would have. So, we’re bringing this life-saving concept to LA! All of our kittens will be up for adoption, and our goal is to save 500 kittens.


The age minimum to visit The Kitten Lounge is 7 years old.
All children under 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Groups larger than 6 people must book a private event to ensure that all guests have an incredible experience.

If you have any questions for us, head to our FAQ page!


Our Digital Gift Cards can be used to book your experience online!

Contribution: $20+

Want our kittens all to yourself?

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30-Minute Kitten Lounge Experience

70-Minute Kitten Lounge Extravaganza

Food & Drinks provided by


Our Location

Crumbs & Whiskers
7924 Melrose Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90048

(323) 879-9389

Thursday-Tuesday: 11AM - 8PM
Wednesday: Closed

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