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The Kitten Diaries: 10/10/19

We’re back with some more adorable updates for you. We’ve passed 1300 adoptions, Kanchan shares an excerpt from her personal journal, and of course: KITTEN PICS!

BOO! October Events are here!

True Crime, Scary Movies, Tim Burton, Gilmore Girls… some trivia nights are scarier than others, okay? (Although, to some, the fast-talking of GG is frightening to the core. Do they breathe??")



#FounderFriday with Kanchan

Kanchan answers your questions! Read about her advice for entrepreneurs, what type of cat she is, and how she overcomes daily obstacles to pursue her dream.

The Kitten Diaries 9/4/19

Get your weekly dose of Crumbs & Whiskers updates! We’ve passed 1200 adoptions, including one lucky kitten who was with us when we opened our LA kitten cafe. Also, we have some great events and adorable kitten pictures for you to preview. Win win win.

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