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For months, our customers have been asking for organic, gluten free, free-range, raw, paleo, and non-GMO snacks to feed our cats. You asked and we listened! We will now be offering a menu of LIVE PREY just for our cats to invigorate their bodies and minds! You will have the opportunity to pre-order from the selection below before making a reservation. After ordering, just select your reservation day and time at check out! 

Please pre-order at least 3 days in advance of your reservation as they are sourced from local farmers.


Duckling - $25

Our ducklings are free-range and only fed organic grain and fresh vegetables as well as meal worms for protein. Once they reach 5 weeks old, they have enough meat on their bones to be a nutrient-filled treat for our kitties! Ducklings are rich in protein, iron, selenium, B vitamins, and zinc.

Because the duckling is not old enough to fly, it is not the most challenging prey, however it is a good choice for our less coordinated or lazy cats. 


Hamster Pup- $30

The baby hamster is much more rich in protein and despite its chubbiness, is actually lower in cholesterol than the duckling. Hamsters are packed with 10g of protein as well as high levels of zinc and vitamin B12. 

Although its merely a baby, these hamsters can reach speeds of 5mph and are very adept at escaping since they are so tiny. A great choice for more agile cats or cats who really need some exercise. 


Baby Bearded Dragon - $45

They are highest in calcium and vitamins E and C when they are babies, adding to our cats health! In addition to being high in protein and vitamins, the tough skin helps strengthen the cat's teeth!

The baby bearded dragon is one of the most challenging prey because it has little teeth! Don't worry, they aren't sharp enough to harm our cats, but it does make things a little more interesting.  These guys are the fastest of our live prey selection making a good match for our most athletic cats.

Baby Chipmunk - $45

The baby chipmunk has less protein and vitamin enrichments than the other animals. However, prior to you receiving the chipmunk, our staff will fill it’s large cheeks with 100% organic meowijuana so the cat can get a healthy buzz after catching it’s prey!

The baby chipmunk combines the speed of the hamster and the difficulty of the bearded dragon. It is super quick and those strong front teeth put up a fight!  will be the perfect treat for the most skilled hunter cats.

Baby Cockatiel - $50

The cockatiel's diet consists mainly of enriched fruits and veggies, which will give our cats an immunity boost! They will get tons of antioxidants like zinc, selenium, iron, copper, folic acid, and vitamins A, B6, C, and E.

The most unique of our new menu, the cockatiel will have our cats climbing to new heights. Using its newfound flying skills, it will add an extra challenge for our cats to catch. Not to mention it's strong beak! It will be best for the cats who like a challenge and have strong climbing skills.