Introducing: The C&W Squad

C&W's volunteer network


Convention can be boring. Actually, it's almost always boring...but that’s why we're a cat cafe. We believe cats don't need to live in cages or lose their lives just because they don't have a home, and you sure as hell don't need to be a weird "crazy cat lady" to enjoy some cat cuddles. In fact, we believe crazy cat ladies are cool, rebellious, and fun (yes, this includes crazy cat dudes), and it's time for that stereotype and traditional adoption practices to change. 

Enter us. We're a place to snuggle and adopt rescue cats, but with your favorite latte and book in hand. We’re the newcomers to the scene, and, much like your younger sister, the parents are still pretending we’re going to turn out just fine. We probably will, but until then, we’re hoping to rewrite the traditional rules of animal rescues & cafes, overturn common practices in company culture, redefine what it means to be a "crazy cat lady," and re-think adoptions as a whole.

And do it all in style, of course.


A network of volunteers who will socialize our cats, help with medication, help our rescue with cat transportations, and foster cats who are not adjusting well to Crumbs & Whiskers.


Socialization & Medication Volunteers: When cats are new to the cafe, it takes a lot of playing, cuddling, feeding, and comforting to make them feel safe and win their trust. While our team does an incredible job of making new cats feel loved, the newbies could always use more attention (it's like when you bring a new cat home...except we bring in like seven). It takes a lot of personalized attention to get the newbies feeling comfortable, and this is where you come in! Also, when cats need medications, it usually takes a few hands on deck to administer those meds to them without, you know, dying. (gotta love cats). You guys will mostly be playing and cuddling with new cats, encouraging the newbies to explore, and sometimes administering meds to those cats who have minor health problems like a cold, etc. The biggest goal of this group is to give our cats even more attention and love when they first enter the cafe, which is when they need it most. 


Fosters: Almost all our cats were in line to be euthanized before Crumbs & Whiskers took them in, which means that if they do not adjust well to the cafe, they need a new place to call home because sending them back is not an option. When we bring in cats who do not quickly adjust to the cat cafe, they get really stressed and often sick. We are looking for volunteers who will temporarily foster cats who are having trouble adjusting to Crumbs & Whiskers while our rescue works on getting them adopted because honestly, we just don't want to send our cats back to high-kill shelters.

Transport Volunteers: One of the reasons we are often unable to have more cats in the cafe is simply because no one is available to transport cats to the cafe from their various locations (our partner rescue works with a few different shelters). If you've got a car and some free time, you can help us rescue even more cats simply by delivering them to the cafe! Also - sometimes, our cats get sick really suddenly...and in those cases, they need to see the vet ASAP. You guys would also be helping transport them to/from the vet so our cats get prompt care if they need it.


Reservations: One free visit for you and a plus one every month! Your reservation, drinks, and treats are on the house.
Merch Discounts: 20% discount on all C&W swag.

PS. Flings are awesome, but we like being in long-term relationships. Must be able to commit 6+ months.