a cat cafe experience.

Cuddle rescue cats, sip coffee, fall in love, adopt.

Advance bookings are highly recommended.

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Cats Adopted: 681
Cats Saved From Euthanasia: 1,502
Amount Raised for Homeless Animals: $23.2K

We love helping animals and making people really, really happy.

So we created a beautiful, first-of-its kind space to house homeless cats and to give animal lovers in busy cities a happy place - a place to slow down, to fall in love, to adopt, and to have the experience of a lifetime!


We invite you to Crumbs & Whiskers!

To book your experience, you can make our minimum contribution or give more. We recommend booking in advance to guarantee entry.

Thank you for your support, we can’t wait to see you!

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"In late 2014, I had it pretty good. I had a corporate job with a cushy paycheck and spent my weekends partying, shopping, and traveling. Amazing, right? You'd think so, but I was strangely unhappy.

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Want our cats all to yourself?


"The fact that I was crying over this cat was pretty significant in my book, and I'm going to fill out an application and try to adopt."

- Former Cat Skeptic, Buzzfeed

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