Got Questions?! We got answers.

Is this place BYOC (Bring your own Cats)?
Nope, we've got you covered on the cats. Trust us.

Why did you name yourselves "Crumbs & Whiskers"?
Crumbs = Treats. Whiskers = Cats. We're super creative and original, we know.

Why do you charge a reservation fee?
Because we aren't allowed to make our own food, our small reservation fee is what pays for the care of our cats as well as all the usual expenses that come with running a small business.

What is the reservation fee primarily spent on?
Apart from the roof over our heads and payroll - fake mice, cardboard boxes, laser pointers, and premium meowijuana. Duh.

How does Crumbs & Whiskers help cats?! 
All our cats are rescues, which means that if they weren't at Crumbs & Whiskers, they would be inside cages in a shelter. Crumbs & Whiskers drastically improves the lives of shelter cats by placing them in an environment where they have space to run around, people to interact with, and places to hide all day instead of having to live inside cages. We also give our cats more exposure, which means they have a high likelihood of being adopted! 

Does the staff have a favorite cat?
While we think of ourselves as equal opportunity cat lovers, each staff member does in fact have a favorite cat. Come ask us, and we'll share our confessions with you!

Do you cage your cats overnight? That's not very nice, you know.
Nope, we are proud to tell you that our cats are 100% organic and free range.


Can I pick up a cat?
Generally not. But we do have some cats who love laps and shoulders - ask our staff! We'd love to make this magical moment happen for you.

Who started Crumbs & Whiskers?
Our founding mom is a woman who was inspired by a cat cafe in Thailand. While traveling in a city called Chiang Mai, Kanchan stumbled upon a cat cafe. After she came back home, she couldn't stop thinking about how it could be used as a force for good for shelter cats. And the rest is history.

Are you making food in-house? Please say no.
Nope. We work with local partners and deliver food in real-time.

When is the best time to visit?
Awesome question, let's break that down. Weekdays are less busy than weekends, so we definitely recommend popping by during the week. Our cats also like their afternoon siestas, so coming in the morning or evening would increase your chances of maximum cat play time.

Do you really charge to pet cats?
Yes. Yes we do.

I love you guys and want to help. How do I do that?
Well you just made our day! Contact us via our contact page. We're super excited to chat with you!

Can I book a private event?
Of course! Please email us through our contact page.